PJS Women's Conference Weekends

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What is a "PJS Women's Conference?"

Kathy Ashdown has found a unique way to combine several of her lifelong passions into one unforgettable weekend. Having directed more than 30 musicals from L.A. to New York, she formed a production company called KFA Productions. After teaching vocal students on Broadway as well as worship leaders from coast-to-coast, she developed a method of teaching by storytelling, drama and song that captivates and motivates her listeners. Her love for the Lord and a deep desire to see women walk closely with Him through thick and thin are the driving forces behind her unique ministry to women.

Kathy's new book, "The God of Second Chances" tells the compelling story of God's love and forgiveness despite bad choices. It is such an amazing story that at times you won't know whether to laugh or cry. Kathy recorded her songs in Nashville and her new CD, "The God of Second Chances," is also now available. You can listen to three of the songs on the album by clicking the play button at the top of this page.

Kathy brings along 12 actors, her praise singers, and her production team to help make the weekend complete. With breakout sessions on subjects like "How to Have a Quiet Time in a Loud World," "How to be Whole and Have Healthy Relationships," and "How to Live Victoriously with Depression and Bi-polar," the weekend is both challenging and encouraging.

Humor is key! But the best thing about the weekend is the warm, cozy atmosphere with restoration and relaxation a high priority. The women can actually stay in their jammies and sip hot chocolate from their favorite mug. The team even includes a foot massage specialist. Now that's relaxation!

What does "PJS" mean?

The word "PJS" has two meanings:

The first is exactly what you hope it to be...that the women get to stay in their pjs, sweats and comfy slippers for the entire weekend. We even have a "Craziest Slipper Contest" where the winner receives a free foot massage.

The second is an acrostic that represents the three main spiritual truths weaved throughout the story.

P is for Passion:

God gives every woman a spiritual gift or "passion" to serve the church. Yet many women have yet to discover theirs! During the conference, we help them find their passion and then brainstorm ways to implement that passion into busy lives.

J is for Jesus:

Jesus is the God of Second Chances. No matter how badly we've blown it...Jesus is always ready to start fresh with forgiveness and hope. Women won't leave without being reminded that each day is a new beginning in Christ.

S is for Suffering:

So many people are suffering. Yet suffering is often the very tool that God can use to bring us closer to Himself. With marriages in crisis, money worries and many single women wondering if God can truly be their "Husband," this weekend will bring hope to the hopeless. As we walk through the fire of life, conforming our character to His character will always be His number one goal...because that's how we find joy and peace in the storm! He wants us to cling closely to Him at every turn.


Mark 12:30 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strenth." Our goal at PJS is very simple. We have been called by the Lord Jesus to go and in His power to help the women who attend our conferences.

He has asked us to:

RENEW.......their love for the Lord
REBUILD.....their faith in Him
REFOCUS....their thoughts to His Word
REFRESH.....them, body and spirit

Kathy along with all of the PJS team have chosen to obey that call in the hopes that women will be changed so that they will go back into their family life, church life and work life spiritually healthy, emotionally healthy and physically refreshed.


"This weekend was amazing. I came just to support the leadership and had no idea that it would change me spiritually. Words cannot describe what the Lord did for my heart. Thank you Kathy!"

Melanie Salavarria........Grace Baptist Church
Dunmoore, PA

"Kathy's story was so moving that none of our ladies left to go to the afternoon break. They stayed to ask questions. Now, that's a first! Thank you both."

Maureen Williams...... Grace Community Church,
Laverne, Ca

"Let's do it again next year!"

Susan Gerhardt....Head of Relational Ministries
Sarasota Baptist Church, Sarasota, Fl